About August Nash & Co.

We are a Virginia based home fragrance brand. Our goal is to create with intent and connect people. We curate a beautiful collection of candles with signature scents. 

Our candles are made and hand poured in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. Our candle’s glasses and metal tins are easily repurposable, so they can be used long after the candles are gone. We use minimal labeling because less labels equals less waste!

We create with a cause, donating a portion of all sales to The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge program across the United States.


About August Nash & Co. Creator

August Nash & Co. was born out of Trishonda’s burning desire to create a lasting family legacy.

After losing her mother in December 2016 to Leukemia, Trishonda recognized a need to channel her grief and set out on a mission to honor her mother. She kept going back to a voicemail left by her mom in April 2016, just one month prior to her being diagnosed with Leukemia. Unbeknownst to her, it would be the last voicemail she’d receive from her mother. It was a gentle reminder of how she was always with her. That voicemail eventually made its way onto a huge canvas that now rests in her home office. What held so much love and memories found its way into the August Nash & Co. logo.

The meaning behind the name came organically. "August is the birth month of my mother, myself, and my daughter; Nash is my grandmother’s maiden name. The "& Co." of course represents my family, as we are a family owned and operated company."

“My desire is to create excellent products while giving back to a cause close to my heart!"

xo Trishonda